An online community where the stepmom is the priority

What if I told you that you have what it takes to create whatever results you want in life?

Would you play it safe and continue with the same old-same old? MKCommunity members want more. They are ready for change and open to creating a new mindset.

What if I told you that your only problem is you? Would that be good news or bad news?

The answer is that it is good news! That means all of the solutions to your problems are within you. MKCommunity members learn how to take control of their emotional lives and stop blaming
others or circumstances for the way they are feeling.

What if I told you that it is ok to not be happy all the time? Would you believe that you can have negative feelings about family members and still love them?

MKCommunity members recognize the gifts of imperfection and do not prescribe to the societal notion that family life is supposed to be perfect.

What if I told you that age is just a number and you can do whatever you want in life, whenever you want? Would you be open to taking on the challenge of really believing in yourself and what
that might mean for you and your family?

MKCommunity members achieve the results they desire and do not look toward the past for evidence of what they can create.

What if I told you it does not matter what the future has in store for you? Would you let go of all of those fears about aging and the unknown and live your life to the fullest now? 

MK Community members relinquish control and embrace the present moment because they know the future and past are nothing more than mental constructs.

What if I told you that your needs are as important as the rest of your family even if you are a stepmom? Would you be open to making yourself a priority?Would you be willing to experience discomfort in order to live an authentic life? 

MK Community members are brave enough to stop the people-pleasing and set healthy boundaries so they show up to themselves and their family in a kind and loving way.

What if I told you that you never have to be alone again ? Would you want to have access to continuous support?

MKCommunity members understand the value of having a community who will have their backs, and they are willing to invest in themselves.




For stepmoms who are ready to manage the BS in their brains 

Meet the Coach

Maureen Kafkis (MK) wanted to create an online community for mature stepmoms who were in need of coaching. She wanted to help women who were sick of beating themselves up because they were unsatisfied with how they were showing up in their lives. She envisioned a place where stepmoms could go to look inward, reframe their approach to life, and learn how to self-coach at an affordable rate. MK has been working on her personal growth for years and understands that the only limitations we have exist in our heads. MK wants to make coaching accessible to stepmoms so she can show them how to embrace their imperfections and reclaim their personal power the way she did.

The Stepmoms helping to build MKCommunity can join the Standard Plan Membership and benefit from a LOCKED RATE of $100.00 per month for life. They will initially receive 20-minute weekly sessions that will transition to group Zoom calls with increased enrollment, learn how to self-coach, and have access to educational lessons. Members can cancel at the end of the month anytime they want.


MKCommunity gives you access to everything MK is learning at The Life Coach School from Master Coach Brooke Castillo. MK will give you quality coaching at an amazingly low rate, make you feel better quickly and give you the support you need.


Do not miss this amazing opportunity to get life-changing coaching for a fraction of the normal cost. This is what we call an irresistible offer! It is time to invest in yourself and become the stepmom you want to be! 

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MKCommunity Membership Privileges

Weekly Zoom Call

Each week MK will host a Zoom call for all members.  You can raise your hand and get asked to be coached on anything in these sessions. Because we all experience similar challenges as stepmoms, It is not unusual to experience profound transformations  from listening to somebody else getting coached.

Ask MK about Models

All coaching at MKCoach, LLC is based on the The Model developed by Brooke Castillo. You will learn how to complete your own models for self-coaching, MK is available to answer questions posted on the forum about your models to ensure you are using them effectively.

Social Networking Opportunities

MKCommunity is a group of stepmoms interested in developing connections with one another. Members who are agreeable will have access to fellow members contact information
and can pursue personal interactions on their own.  Weekly group Zoom calls will be initiated with increased enrollment.

Lessons of the Month

Each month MK will choose a different lesson for focus. MK will share documents and/or videos on the topic at the beginning of the month for you to learn at your own pace. Standard Members have access throughout the entire month, Premium Members can access all of the lessons in the storage locker year round.

Come on already!

It is time to make yourself a priority and learn how to navigate your life with self-coaching. Enough of beating yourself up and the negative self-talk! Enough of wishing things could be different but not having the initiative to make it happen! Enough of valuing other people’s opinions over your own! Enough of not feeling good enough simply because you don't have children.  Enough of not loving yourself and all of your imperfections! Enough of beating yourself up for being a stepmom with a human brain! Enough of the Enoughs!

Join MKCommunity

and empower yourself through coaching, support and life-long learning. Become the type of stepmom you always wanted to be. One who can manage any situation, be with anyone, and show up in an authentic and meaningful way. One who is not threatened by a little rejection or gets rattled by blended family gatherings. The MKCommunity member is brave enough to tolerate any uncomfortable emotion in order to achieve personal growth. She knows she is supported by MK, will never have to stand alone again, and loves herself enough to have her own back


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